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daily scores for gifs, 06/16-06/17

For an entire year, this was my daily filmscore practice. I found gifs and wrote short, looping music to accompany them. It was fascinating and wonderful for me as a way to explore audiovisual possibilities. I might do it again some day.

Anemic Cinema (1924) by Marcel Duchamp.

Score by Giant Frame in 2016.

In 2016 we started a new project that involves scoring old films and film-esque things. This amazingly gif-y bit of turntable-fueled psychedelia comes to us from Marcel Duchamp, and we decided to score it with some sweet electronic despair.

there is some space below that


I can be glacially slow with my personal projects, so one day Jesse (Giant Frame member #1, extraordinary human, and extra-terrestrial drummer) challenged me to make an album start to finish in a week. I had wanted for a while to "score" one of the live-streamed ISS spacewalks, and there happened to be not one but THREE in October 2014, so I disappeared into a week of nothing but this: there is some space below that. The chillingly anachronistic voice you hear is my dear friend Lucy.


We write, play, and record creative, modular, and original music for your angularly-edited short film. Or your gorgeous, soft, hazy commercial. Or your blindingly colorful, frenetic netart video project.

We love storytelling. We love non-narrative experiments. We love good films. We love filmmakers that care about craft AND concept. We love to talk about pacing and visual composition. We love films that are songs, and songs that are films.

We sequence, loop, and integrate dynamic music for your proudly beautiful video game. Or your tough-as-nails roguelike. Or your aimless but lovely game about fungus growth in the forests of Northern Washington. Or your non-game interactive web thing.

We love game-like music-creation systems. We love procgen sound. We love Disasterpeace (duh). We love Jason Rohrer and his philosophy of game-mechanic-as-storytelling.

We do not generally license pre-fab "lightly atmospheric folk-song melody with a build-up at 02:30 and electronic undertones," but we would DESTROY that song if you hired us to make it!


Here's what's in our lunchbox:

  • VERSATILE: Soft & atmospheric? Dark & moody? Happy & uptempo? Beautiful? Strange? We love making all kinds of music!
  • CUSTOM: For a small extra fee, we'll give you 2-3 different versions of a cue with every edit, so it's easy to dial in on the perfect sound together.
  • FAST: Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on every edit.

If you're interested in a quote, please contact us! Happy filmmaking!


Luke is a stringed-things player and digital music producer. As in, he is digital, and produces music. His wireframe model is surprisingly lifelike.

Jesse is a CalArts-trained composer and percussionist. He'll talk your ear off about the roman empire, science fiction, and medieval french music.

Sometimes Logan helps out too.

We bubbled up out of the Great Salt Lake together, a briny musical hydra.


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